matroyshka finch

Matroyshka Patterned Fabric Finch – Limited Edition

We’ve always had a thing about matroyshka dolls here at MadeStuff, in fact for so long as I can remember we’ve had something in stock that is at least inspired by the look of matroyshka dolls.  It’s perhaps not surprising then that when we happened across a swatch of fabric emblazoned with matroyshka dolls that we would look to use it for something … anything!

Given our recent obsession with fabric finches it was perhaps inevitable that we’d opt to create one using this vibrant fabric; and I have to so, it’s turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!

matroyshka finch

In keeping with our line of fabric finches this version is entirely hand stitched, has tiny button eyes, and legs of copper wire.  Unlike most of our fabric finches however this one is likely to be strictly limited edition since we’re not sure that we’ll be able to source any more of the fabric once it’s gone [sad face] … if there’s enough demand however we’ll no-doubt be busy trying to source similar fabric so that we can gear up for full on matroyshka overload!!

matroyshka finch

I can’t get over just how vibrant those colours are though, the blue, pink, and red in particular just seem to leap out at you; they’re just delicious.  This little chap is available in the store whilst stocks last, although if you do like the patterned variety of bird then you should be able to find some alternatives in there if these ones are already gone.



Little blue and red love birds

love birds – fabric finches in shades of blue and red

I’m really excited to bring these little love birds to you, resplendent as they are in electric blue and regal red.  They’re like the original princess and the pauper; little blue from off the street, a bit gallus* with heaps of street cred, and little red from on high, well monied and full of airs and graces.  What a pair though!

Little blue and red love birds

I hope you agree that these guys are just LUSH!  I can’t help looking at them and thinking that they’re a pair of beautiful love birds, so obviously different but so clearly in love – well, they do say that opposites attract!

electric blue fabric finch
little blue
Royal Red Fabric finch
little red

We only have a limited number in these colours just now having only just received the new fabric the other day, a really nice quality felt it is too in a variety of awesome colours including the red and blue you see above.  All the colours though are just bursting with vibrancy and vitality and I can’t wait to show you more in the coming days and weeks!

We have a few available in the shop, but be quick lest they all fly away!


(ga·luss) Dialect, chiefly Scot ~adj.
1. self-confident, daring, cheeky.
2. stylish, impressive (esp. Glasgow “He’s pure gallus, by the way“).
3. Orig. derogatory, meaning wild; a rascal; deserving to be hanged (from the gallows).


work in progress – loads of little owls!

It’s been an absolute hive of activity in the MadeStuff workshop today and for your eyes only here’s a wee insight into our workings with a few work in progress shots.  It’s important that the owls organise themselves into a row at the start of the shift so that they can stand and behold the greatness that is the, Pin Cushion Of Pins And Needles, we find it really gets them going for the work ahead … a bit of team-bonding for the common good.

work in progress owls

They can then move on to help their eyeless brothers and sisters become better acquainted with their mother-of-pearl eyes.  See how they shine!

Looking at the shot below it appears that the grey one on the back left has been misbehaving and has been tethered for, we must presume, his own safety; after-all, the workshop can be a dangerous place with all those pointy pins and needles lying about and we wouldn’t want anybody getting hurt.

work in progress owls

Thankfully none were hurt and a whole new batch of workshop owls have been completed and will soon be ready to fly the metaphorical nest and be launched into the big brave world to find new and exciting places to live.

Having completed their labours for the day the whole team take themselves off for a nap . . .


Cute Little Owls

‘O’ if for Owl … Cute Little Owls!

Our cute little owls – or little ‘O’ owls as I insist on calling them – have been with us for what seems like an age!  It’s certainly one of the most popular plushies we make, no doubt because it’s so flaming cute!

cute little owls

I’ve just realised, looking at that picture, that it looks like those cute little owls contain coins … they don’t!  It’s there for scale and besides it’s an old penny from a long, long, l-oooo-ng time ago; so-o, don’t be picking apart the stitching to get at the innards!  If you are that way inclined, however, I don’t doubt that you could use them as cute little pin-cushions, but that might make us sad 🙁

You see our cute little owls are somewhat labour intensive, I mean, just look at this . . .

Cute Little Owls

. . . and that’s just a small selection of the current work in progress.  And, yes, I know they have no eyes but we had a slight ‘supply-chain issue’; in-so-far as we forgot to order in the right buttons in time and we’ve had to wait for them to arrive.  Excitingly though they did!  Yesterday.  Yay!  And you should see them, they’re gorgeous mother of pearl ones.  A bit different from those above but absolutely lush none-the-less, as soon as we get some decent light (i.e. the sun graces us with its presence) I’ll get some photo’s on here quick-smart so you can see them.

In the meantime, be like an owl.  Be wise.  xxx

fabric finches

fabric finches, flocking feverishly and forever flying

A firm favourite dating back to the earliest days of MadeStuff and one of the earliest designs Jo came up with, fabric finches.  It’s certainly evolved since its initial inception and now exudes a simple elegance that belies its humble beginnings and original pattern.  We’ve actually got a fair number of these dotted about the house ourselves and right gorgeous they are too.

fabric finches

Of course, we’ve got the advantage of having all the old prototypes.
Paper fabric finchNot all fabric finches are fabric either, Jo’s a clever crafter and has even managed to put together a ‘paper-fabric’ finch, a cunning merging of paper and fabric crafts.  It’s hellishly involved though and I dare say it’s not something to be oft repeated.

I mean look at it!  It’s a fabric finch, but it’s paper, I mean fabric I mean . . . ach, never mind; I mean it’s gorgeous!

Available in a variety of colours and fabrics these little birds certainly fly off the shelf!