Sock creatures

Sock Creatures are Breeding like Bunnies!

I think I mentioned it once before that we were being over-run by sock creatures of all shapes and sizes and now I think I’ve figured out why!  It’s surely got something to do with this bunny rabbit sock cr-cr-critter.  MadeStuff HQ is largely surrounded by the more traditional rabbit variety and, being honest, we’re not […]

Sock Creature

Sock Creatures Ruling the MadeStuff Roost

Sock creatures abound in the MadeStuff workshop at the moment; specifically there’s a wee cheeky monkey hanging about with its, frankly, peculiar friend.  The friend being somewhat of an indescribable fellow attired entirely from head-to-toe in purple stripes … very odd.  Still, it appears to be a pair of sock creatures who will be friends […]