Fairy Garden

Animated troll invades our fairy garden!

It’s strange but true, a highly animated troll has decided to take up residence in the MadeStuff fairy garden!  He’s not doing anything overly concerning, just sun bathing … which came as a surprise to all of the worker elves who are convinced trolls can mostly be found hiding under bridges and in caves for fear of turning into stone should they be caught in direct sunlight!

animated troll gif

Worst of all though is that this little guy has taken up residence on the worker-elves solitary chair, and after they worked so hard to put it together!  Of course maybe this minor home invasion will encourage them to get on and finish the fences they’ve been working on since ‘once upon a time’ and then they’ll all be able to live happily ever after in their compound without me worrying about their escaping, um, I mean without them needing to worry about further incursions by the animated troll.

Once they have finished the fencing we’ll be making it available in our shop along with some of the flowers you can also see in the gif above.  You can see more fairy garden stuff here.


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