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Miniature bed? You’ve made it, now lie in it!

Regular readers will know that the worker elves have mocked up miniature bed and chair prototypes, but then everything went a bit quiet.  We were wondering about that ourselves and were astounded to discover that the worker elves had decided to carry out rigorous testing of their latest creations and they had only spent the last couple of weeks sleeping in them!  We feel partially to blame however; deciding to give them the freedom to get on with things themselves appears to have been a mistake and we have reintroduced our incentives lash, you can now be confident that we will be working them to the point of exhaustion to make up for their recent failings!  We’re still waiting for them to complete the fences they promised us weeks ago . . . I tell you, you just can’t secure the services of mythical creatures like you used to.

In the meantime, here’s some evidence of the ‘efforts’ they have (don’t you mean haven’t – ed.) put into the miniature bed since our last update . . . basically, they made it [slow clap].


Miniature bed

For scale, each of those little yellow squares is approximately 1cm x 1 cm so the miniature bed is a around 6cm x 4cm

Personally, I quite like the au naturale look of the stained wood, but I think we’ll have the finished products available in a range of colours as well, including blue, pink, and white.  In the meantime you can check out the rest of our miniatures range in the shop.

update:  I’m pleased to report that the new incentive program (i.e. the lash) is proving to be a success and I have just popped my head in to see not only are the little blighters working on the fencing for their compound, but also additional beds, housing, and even a garden!  See, now this is what teamwork is all about, at this rate they may even get fed today.  Hell’s bells!  We might even let them have 40 winks in the beds (assuming they finish them).


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