Fairy Garden

Miniature furniture prototypes for fun-sized frolics!

We had asked the worker elves to pull together some fencing solutions to prevent any more of them escaping from the work camp, so you can imagine our horror when we arrived to check on their progress only to discover that they were lounging about on pieces of miniature furniture that they’d put together instead!  Frankly we were disgusted with their slovenly attitude but upon closer inspection we found that some of their efforts might actually have legs; we weren’t overly impressed with the items that didn’t have legs, if a chair doesn’t have any legs you might as well sit on the floor really.

The pieces of miniature furniture that we were especially impressed with included the bed and chair below, and whilst not perfect it’s easy to see how they might be refined.

The seat and the back of the chair along with the base of the bed are actually woven on a frame; once the whole piece has been finished they are actually incredibly strong which the elves ensure us means that it’s safe for them to jump up and down on, I have to admit I have my doubts, and I’d rather they got on with making the fences like they were originally asked for.  These do however provide some food for thought while we work on developing our miniature range further.  Not least of all for the fencing issue, so I had them mock up this piece of fence below, it’s currently limited by the base (which I do not like at all) but again I can see some potential for it too.

miniature fence

Having said that, if we don’t want any more of those pesky elves to run off it’s going to take more than one length of fencing and a few pieces of miniature furniture!

You can see more of worker elves efforts on the blog or in the shop.


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