You can now chat with the worker elves!

As much as we give the worker elves a raw deal here on the blog they are actually a really helpful bunch of of semi-mythical beings, not only do they do all our product development, production, workshop maintenance, and act as general dog’s bodies for the high heid yins* but we’ve also roped them in to do a bit of our customer service bit too!  Obviously, by “roped in”, what we actually mean is that we’ve tied them chairs and put them in front of computers to answer any queries you might have.

So, if you do have any questions just have a look for the ‘live chat’ button at the bottom of your screen and you’ll be able to talk with them directly!

Alternatively if you don’t need an immediate answer, why not drop them a message via our contact page.

*high heid yin [scots dialect] a person of high rank, position, or importance within an organisation.


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