Fairy Garden

miniature washing lines with mini dresses for little fairy folk

Miniature Washing LinesOur darling little worker elves have been feverishly washing their elvish under-crackers and hanging them on the miniature washing lines which, I hasten to add, is against workshop rules and the culprits have been taken out and severely punished; they have to realise that the miniature washing lines aren’t for them, they’re for the fairy folk.  As a compromise we have instructed one of the elves to stand in the corner and hold their ‘garments’ up in the air until they’re dried, all but one of the little sots seems satisfied with this solution.

I have to say though, I do believe that the little guys have excelled themselves with the miniature washing lines.  They’ve cunningly contrived for them to be detachable from their bases so they can either be free-standing or they can be stabbed into the ground!  And including mini pegs and a dress!  And even a tiny toadstool and a little ladybird! . . . genius I tell you!  They’re definitely getting fed this week!

Meanwhile, we’ve instructed a group of nimble fingered worker elves to start work on some fairy-sized outfits for our fairy friends.  Having said that they appear to have got themselves stuck on one particular design, albeit in a range of patterns … I suspect we’re going to need to come up with some different designs before the fairy folk start complaining!

Miniature dresses

Last time I talked to the worker elves about the miniature washing lines there was a great deal of head-scratching going on because they couldn’t figure out how to package them in such a way as to keep them both protected and postage costs down.  Gratefully they put their collective braincell into overdrive and have come up with a solution that works on all counts, once again they have surpassed themselves … at this rate we might have to consider paying them in actual money!



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