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miniature bunting and fairy lanterns, from the worker elves

I was struck by a strange sight today as I was walking past the elf workshop, they had adorned the place with loads of miniature bunting!  I took the opportunity afforded by a brief hiatus in elvish activity (we let them have lunch) to stick my head in and see what the devilry was going on and was rewarded by being able to see … you see, up until recently seeing was something that wasn’t really possible in the workshop due to the lighting (don’t you mean lack thereof? – ed.) but following my last workshop intervention they appear to have worked up some cunning fairy lantern solutions to make their little lives easier.  I’m guessing there will be less swollen thumbs from hammer mis-strikes in the future, which is great; bandages are getting expensive and the health and safety folk are beginning to ask questions.

miniature bunting

The miniature bunting really is gorgeous though, I’m always impressed by how talented they are with these little bit ‘n bobs and they appear to have worked out a method of making lots and lots of it too.  It’s literally EVERYWHERE!  In fact, by the time I left I was very nearly wrapped in miniature bunting from head-to-toe!  It appears to have been laundered too since it’s been strung up on stakes and hung about with rather endearing embellishments, stars and tassels and such.  It’s especially lovely lit as it is this evening by the fairy lanterns which they have rigorously worked in genuine, bone-fide, and actually real, acorn caps, with absolutely stunning copper hangers which catch the light in such a warm and natural way.

fairy garden

I’m going out on a limb here, but I think they must have pinched a smidgen of fairy dust in order to power those lanterns though because I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to make them come on … which is mildly disappointing.  I don’t mind letting you know what’s NOT disappointing though, packaging!  As in, we actually have some now!  Little bag toppers!  I have to admit I’m especially impressed by those, I didn’t even ask the little elvish blighters to put some together they just went out off their own bat and sorted it out for us, which was lovely … they’ve promised they’ll figure something out for the miniature washing lines that they’ve been making too but there seems to be quite a bit of head scratching going on on that front right now.

fairy washing line

Something particularly special is coming though, I caught a glimpse of it at the back of the workshop, under a big tarp, but before I could get a proper look I was bustled away by a squad of agitated elves who were keen for me to see something outside, typical elves though, once out they just wanted to show me their collection of favourite chewed twigs.  Hopefully next time I’ll be able to bring you more news on whatever it is they’re up to in there.

Fairy lanterns and bunting are available in store now.


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