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fairy garden by the MadeStuff worker-elves

The MadeStuff worker elves have been awfy excited this past week with all the fairy going on here and about, they’re especially excited about the fairy garden they’ve created . . . we haven’t the heart to tell them that it’s less ‘garden’ than it is ‘tree’ since they’ve worked so hard on making their vision come true!  I have to say I’m actually rather impressed, there was a point mid-week when I looked at what they were doing and had to ask them if they knew what a ‘fairy garden’ actually was, in spite of not having a clue, they actually did not too bad.

Not only have they included the miniature ladybirds (now in the shop) from the other day . . .

fairy garden

. . . they’ve also put together some rather fab toadstools (now also available in store) . . .

fairy garden

. . . some fairy sized bunting . . .

fairy garden

. . . and a whole big fairy tree complete with grass!

fairy garden

I took the liberty of taking a peek in their ‘work-in-progress’ shed and was initially confused as to why they were doing their laundry in there when we provide them with a perfectly adequate wee burn* for all their wash-house requirements; I’m sure you can imagine how silly I felt when I realised that what they were actually doing was putting together a selection of fairy-sized washing lines for their new fairy friends fairy garden to hang their tiny fairy-sized laundry on.  They can be terribly thoughtful sometimes, those little work-elves.

It occurred to us that they (the work-elves I mean) might be even more productive if their workshop was to be fitted with lighting and so we have set them the challenge of creating their own lighting solution and while they’re at it I’m sure they can work up a solution for the fairy-folks night-light situation too.

In the meantime you can find a selection of miniature accessories in the shop.

*burn (bûrn)

n. Scots

A small stream; a brook.


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