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fairy garden accessories are coming to MadeStuff – a sneek peek

Our MadeStuff worker elves are always on the look out for new ideas, so when they happened upon a rather sorry looking fairy garden whilst on their travails they were struck with an idea and promptly scuttled back to their cave, um, “workshop” to inform their overlords, um “beloved leaders” of what they had discovered!

fairy garden sad fairyWe’ll not name and shame here on the website but whilst looking for a fairy swing for another project we happened across a variety of fairy garden accessories that, well, let’s just say they’d make the fairy folk very sad indeed should they need to resort to such items for their homes and gardens.  In light of this tragic state of affairs we’ve decided to put together a range of fairy folk home and garden accessories, such things as little ladybirds, fairy toadstools, fairy washing lines and a variety of odds and sods to make their little fairy gardens happy shiny places!

The little ladybirds below are just a sample of what we’re working on; each of these little critters measures no more than 5mm in diameter making them pretty much bone-fide ladybird sized!  We’re still working on their use but we envisage them adorning fairy house, toadstools, basins, trees, and well, pretty much anything you want them to; they’ll be integrated into other fairy garden accessories and sold in small packs of 5.  So watch this space for the happy shiny fairy accessories coming your way soon!

fairy garden ladybirdsIn keeping with the teeny-tiny nature of fairy garden stuff all of our accessories will be scaled for fairy use with a focus on quality of finish and maximisation of fairy factors . . . sparkly-shiny-ness may feature but our aim is to keep it a bit more subtle rather than an over-the-top garish glitter-fest!  At this stage we’d be delighted for feedback and ideas, we’ve only just discovered the world of fairies and look forward to exploring their realms as we go.

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