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Sock Creatures are Breeding like Bunnies!

I think I mentioned it once before that we were being over-run by sock creatures of all shapes and sizes and now I think I’ve figured out why!  It’s surely got something to do with this bunny rabbit sock cr-cr-critter.  MadeStuff HQ is largely surrounded by the more traditional rabbit variety and, being honest, we’re not big fans; they have a terrible habit of breaking into our garden (Peter Rabbit style) and eating all our plants (in these moments we often bear a startling resemblance to Mr. McGregor!).

Sock creatures


I have to admit, however, that this little guy isn’t half as pesky as the wanna-be Peter Rabbits that inhabit the MadeStuff environs, being cute and cuddly is only half the story here.  sock creatures designThis little sock creature is actually based on a design created by one of the younger members of the MadeStuff ‘design team’; being realised by our most senior crafter in the sock creature department.

It’s a rare insight into one of the more idiosyncratic approaches we, of occasion, take to product design here at MadeStuff.  Of course, for the most part our designs are developed through a painstaking process that involves numerous prototypes and testing for aesthetic appeal, this doesn’t tend to feature so much in the development of sock creatures which are more an expression of mood rather than a specific design in mind; in that respect they actually provide greater creative release than some of the more standardised design that we use.

From this MadeStuffers point of view that can only be a good thing and that’s why, from time-to-time, you’ll see one-off projects, recipes, and just random stuff on the MadeStuff site.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing more of our sock creatures feel free to check out more of the blog or have a look in our creature cages . . .



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