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Sock Creatures Ruling the MadeStuff Roost

Sock CreaturesSock creatures abound in the MadeStuff workshop at the moment; specifically there’s a wee cheeky monkey hanging about with its, frankly, peculiar friend.  The friend being somewhat of an indescribable fellow attired entirely from head-to-toe in purple stripes … very odd.  Still, it appears to be a pair of sock creatures who will be friends forever, no matter how odd they appear!

Sock CreatureThe purple fellow actually has a weird patch on his bum which we have been forced to assume denotes his humble origins … it’s almost like the poor soul has been branded at some point in his former life by somebody obsessed with Pringle clothing!  It’s all very peculiar.

Meanwhile his erstwhile monkey friend has been making a mockery of our carefully regimented regime by swinging from the lampshades when he should be Sock Creaturesitting nicely in the corner awaiting dispatch to his new adopted family.  It’s all terribly disruptive!

It’s not the only odd thing going on in the MadeStuff workshop this week, there’s an intensive training programme under way as we up-skill one of our key members to assist with continued flights of fancy with the flocking fabric finches!  I’ll fill you in on the details later but right now I can tell you that it’s not as easy to make them as you might have thought . . .

In the meantime if you’d like to take the troublesome sock creatures … I mean adopt these adorable little critters then you can get details on how to do just that by visiting the shop, um, I mean ‘adoption centre‘.



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