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Matroyshka Patterned Fabric Finch – Limited Edition

We’ve always had a thing about matroyshka dolls here at MadeStuff, in fact for so long as I can remember we’ve had something in stock that is at least inspired by the look of matroyshka dolls.  It’s perhaps not surprising then that when we happened across a swatch of fabric emblazoned with matroyshka dolls that we would look to use it for something … anything!

Given our recent obsession with fabric finches it was perhaps inevitable that we’d opt to create one using this vibrant fabric; and I have to so, it’s turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!

matroyshka finch

In keeping with our line of fabric finches this version is entirely hand stitched, has tiny button eyes, and legs of copper wire.  Unlike most of our fabric finches however this one is likely to be strictly limited edition since we’re not sure that we’ll be able to source any more of the fabric once it’s gone [sad face] … if there’s enough demand however we’ll no-doubt be busy trying to source similar fabric so that we can gear up for full on matroyshka overload!!

matroyshka finch

I can’t get over just how vibrant those colours are though, the blue, pink, and red in particular just seem to leap out at you; they’re just delicious.  This little chap is available in the store whilst stocks last, although if you do like the patterned variety of bird then you should be able to find some alternatives in there if these ones are already gone.




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