Traditional Scottish Macaroon … the vital guide to making it

For those that don’t know, traditional Scottish macaroon is a sweet incorporating those well known native Scottish ingredients: chocolate, coconut, sugar?!  It’s final ingredient is potato … don’t let this put you off though it’s super sweet and super tasty!

traditional Scottish macaroon
a bite of traditional Scottish macaroon

What you’ll need:

  • c. 4 oz cooled mashed-up potato
  • c. 16 oz icing sugar (have extra on hand)
  • c. 8 oz plain chocolate (have extra on hand)
  • c. 4 oz desiccated coconut. (have extra on hand)
  • some grease proof paper
  • a large baking tray
  • a freezer

Optional and recommended additional ingredients:

  • a pinch of patience
  • an iron will
  • a blasé attitude to getting covered in chocolate and coconut
  • little concern for exact measurements

What you’ll need to do:

  1. boil your potatoes until they’re soft.
  2. mash up your potatoes and leave to cool a bit in a large bowl.
  3. start adding your icing sugar and mixing it in, it’ll all go a bit sloppy sticky and just a little bit icky.
  4. continue adding the icing sugar until it forms a vaguely dough like substance that’s only a little sticky, or if you’re lucky, not sticky at all.
  5. tear off a sheet of grease proof paper and line your tray with it.
  6. roll some of your dough-ish tattie and icing sugar stuff into short fat sausages, placing these on your baking tray.  Try not to over work the dough, warmth with make it go icky and sticky again!
  7. find some room in your freezer and stick the tray in there … you may need to shift your frozen veg/meat and that highly indulgent ice cream that you’ve been hiding from the kids to another shelf.
  8. leave in the freezer for 20-30 minutes … exercise some patience.  If you can’t exercise anymore patience eat the ice cream, that should take a wee while (and free up some valuable freezer space) 😉
  9. meanwhile gently toast about a quarter of your coconut in the oven, a low temperature for about 5 mins should do … take care not to burn it.
  10. mix all your coconut together, toasted and un-toasted.
  11. just before removing ‘sausages’ from the freezer melt your chocolate, this can be done in a variety of ways, but try not to melt it in your mouth as this renders it unsuitable for use in this recipe . . .
  12. line up your ‘sausages’, chocolate, coconut and another sheet of grease-proof paper on your worktop.
  13. use one hand to coat your sausage in the chocolate, drop it in the coconut and use the other hand to cover it in coconut and place on grease proof paper … don’t do as I do and get your hand mixed up, it makes things unnecessarily difficult and messy!!
  14. you’ll need to work fast as the warmth of the chocolate makes the ‘sausages’ revert to their icky, sticky state.
  15. now leave your macaroons to set, I generally stick them in the fridge while I clean up.
  16. et Voila! Traditional Scottish macaroon – enjoy with friends … you deserve it!
traditional Scottish macaroon
traditional Scottish macaroon

This recipe is based on the Lees version of macaroon, but this is a traditional recipe whose humble origins is assuredly not factory based!


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