work in progress – loads of little owls!

It’s been an absolute hive of activity in the MadeStuff workshop today and for your eyes only here’s a wee insight into our workings with a few work in progress shots.  It’s important that the owls organise themselves into a row at the start of the shift so that they can stand and behold the greatness that is the, Pin Cushion Of Pins And Needles, we find it really gets them going for the work ahead … a bit of team-bonding for the common good.

work in progress owls

They can then move on to help their eyeless brothers and sisters become better acquainted with their mother-of-pearl eyes.  See how they shine!

Looking at the shot below it appears that the grey one on the back left has been misbehaving and has been tethered for, we must presume, his own safety; after-all, the workshop can be a dangerous place with all those pointy pins and needles lying about and we wouldn’t want anybody getting hurt.

work in progress owls

Thankfully none were hurt and a whole new batch of workshop owls have been completed and will soon be ready to fly the metaphorical nest and be launched into the big brave world to find new and exciting places to live.

Having completed their labours for the day the whole team take themselves off for a nap . . .



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