‘O’ if for Owl … Cute Little Owls!

Our cute little owls – or little ‘O’ owls as I insist on calling them – have been with us for what seems like an age!  It’s certainly one of the most popular plushies we make, no doubt because it’s so flaming cute!

cute little owls

I’ve just realised, looking at that picture, that it looks like those cute little owls contain coins … they don’t!  It’s there for scale and besides it’s an old penny from a long, long, l-oooo-ng time ago; so-o, don’t be picking apart the stitching to get at the innards!  If you are that way inclined, however, I don’t doubt that you could use them as cute little pin-cushions, but that might make us sad 🙁

You see our cute little owls are somewhat labour intensive, I mean, just look at this . . .

Cute Little Owls

. . . and that’s just a small selection of the current work in progress.  And, yes, I know they have no eyes but we had a slight ‘supply-chain issue’; in-so-far as we forgot to order in the right buttons in time and we’ve had to wait for them to arrive.  Excitingly though they did!  Yesterday.  Yay!  And you should see them, they’re gorgeous mother of pearl ones.  A bit different from those above but absolutely lush none-the-less, as soon as we get some decent light (i.e. the sun graces us with its presence) I’ll get some photo’s on here quick-smart so you can see them.

In the meantime, be like an owl.  Be wise.  xxx


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