coffee break’s over … BACK TO WORK!

We’re hugely excited to be re-opening our all new website including our ever popular blog and shop.  Of course, we’ve been away on what must be the longest coffee break in history, but all that means is that we’re super-caffeinated and raring to go!

fabric finches

You’ll no doubt be seeing and hearing an awful lot more from us from here-on-in as we reaffirm our commitment to providing quality content and bringing you all the latest MadeStuff from our own caffeine injected minds and across the web.  In fact we’re going to be bringing you a whole host of new and original content including lots of arts, crafts, and – in-between-times – tasty ideas for treats and snacks; after-all crafting on an empty stomach is as silly a notion as crafting whilst sipping a decaffeinated latte.

NoteBook Selection


Please please PLEASE!  Join us on our continuing adventures by connecting through Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll be rolling out across other
platforms in the near future, but will update you on our forays into Pinterest and Instagram as they happen.

cute little owls

It’s so good to back that, well frankly, I think we might just POP! with excitement!


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