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fabric finches, flocking feverishly and forever flying

A firm favourite dating back to the earliest days of MadeStuff and one of the earliest designs Jo came up with, fabric finches.  It’s certainly evolved since its initial inception and now exudes a simple elegance that belies its humble beginnings and original pattern.  We’ve actually got a fair number of these dotted about the house ourselves and right gorgeous they are too.

fabric finches

Of course, we’ve got the advantage of having all the old prototypes.
Paper fabric finchNot all fabric finches are fabric either, Jo’s a clever crafter and has even managed to put together a ‘paper-fabric’ finch, a cunning merging of paper and fabric crafts.  It’s hellishly involved though and I dare say it’s not something to be oft repeated.

I mean look at it!  It’s a fabric finch, but it’s paper, I mean fabric I mean . . . ach, never mind; I mean it’s gorgeous!

Available in a variety of colours and fabrics these little birds certainly fly off the shelf!



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