Animated troll invades our fairy garden!

It’s strange but true, a highly animated troll has decided to take up residence in the MadeStuff fairy garden!  He’s not doing anything overly concerning, just sun bathing … which came as a surprise to all of the worker elves who are convinced trolls can mostly be found hiding under bridges and in caves for […]

Miniature bed

Miniature bed? You’ve made it, now lie in it!

Regular readers will know that the worker elves have mocked up miniature bed and chair prototypes, but then everything went a bit quiet.  We were wondering about that ourselves and were astounded to discover that the worker elves had decided to carry out rigorous testing of their latest creations and they had only spent the […]

miniature furniture

Miniature furniture prototypes for fun-sized frolics!

We had asked the worker elves to pull together some fencing solutions to prevent any more of them escaping from the work camp, so you can imagine our horror when we arrived to check on their progress only to discover that they were lounging about on pieces of miniature furniture that they’d put together instead! […]

chat elves

You can now chat with the worker elves!

As much as we give the worker elves a raw deal here on the blog they are actually a really helpful bunch of of semi-mythical beings, not only do they do all our product development, production, workshop maintenance, and act as general dog’s bodies for the high heid yins* but we’ve also roped them in […]

Miniature Washing Lines

miniature washing lines with mini dresses for little fairy folk

Our darling little worker elves have been feverishly washing their elvish under-crackers and hanging them on the miniature washing lines which, I hasten to add, is against workshop rules and the culprits have been taken out and severely punished; they have to realise that the miniature washing lines aren’t for them, they’re for the fairy […]

fairy garden

miniature bunting and fairy lanterns, from the worker elves

I was struck by a strange sight today as I was walking past the elf workshop, they had adorned the place with loads of miniature bunting!  I took the opportunity afforded by a brief hiatus in elvish activity (we let them have lunch) to stick my head in and see what the devilry was going on […]

fairy garden

fairy garden by the MadeStuff worker-elves

The MadeStuff worker elves have been awfy excited this past week with all the fairy going on here and about, they’re especially excited about the fairy garden they’ve created . . . we haven’t the heart to tell them that it’s less ‘garden’ than it is ‘tree’ since they’ve worked so hard on making their […]


fairy garden accessories are coming to MadeStuff – a sneek peek

Our MadeStuff worker elves are always on the look out for new ideas, so when they happened upon a rather sorry looking fairy garden whilst on their travails they were struck with an idea and promptly scuttled back to their cave, um, “workshop” to inform their overlords, um “beloved leaders” of what they had discovered! […]

Sock creatures

Sock Creatures are Breeding like Bunnies!

I think I mentioned it once before that we were being over-run by sock creatures of all shapes and sizes and now I think I’ve figured out why!  It’s surely got something to do with this bunny rabbit sock cr-cr-critter.  MadeStuff HQ is largely surrounded by the more traditional rabbit variety and, being honest, we’re not […]

Sock Creature

Sock Creatures Ruling the MadeStuff Roost

Sock creatures abound in the MadeStuff workshop at the moment; specifically there’s a wee cheeky monkey hanging about with its, frankly, peculiar friend.  The friend being somewhat of an indescribable fellow attired entirely from head-to-toe in purple stripes … very odd.  Still, it appears to be a pair of sock creatures who will be friends […]