fairy garden

miniature bunting and fairy lanterns, from the worker elves

I was struck by a strange sight today as I was walking past the elf workshop, they had adorned the place with loads of miniature bunting!  I took the opportunity afforded by a brief hiatus in elvish activity (we let them have lunch) to stick my head in and see what the devilry was going on […]

fairy garden

fairy garden by the MadeStuff worker-elves

The MadeStuff worker elves have been awfy excited this past week with all the fairy going on here and about, they’re especially excited about the fairy garden they’ve created . . . we haven’t the heart to tell them that it’s less ‘garden’ than it is ‘tree’ since they’ve worked so hard on making their […]


fairy garden accessories are coming to MadeStuff – a sneek peek

Our MadeStuff worker elves are always on the look out for new ideas, so when they happened upon a rather sorry looking fairy garden whilst on their travails they were struck with an idea and promptly scuttled back to their cave, um, “workshop” to inform their overlords, um “beloved leaders” of what they had discovered! […]

Sock creatures

Sock Creatures are Breeding like Bunnies!

I think I mentioned it once before that we were being over-run by sock creatures of all shapes and sizes and now I think I’ve figured out why!  It’s surely got something to do with this bunny rabbit sock cr-cr-critter.  MadeStuff HQ is largely surrounded by the more traditional rabbit variety and, being honest, we’re not […]

Sock Creature

Sock Creatures Ruling the MadeStuff Roost

Sock creatures abound in the MadeStuff workshop at the moment; specifically there’s a wee cheeky monkey hanging about with its, frankly, peculiar friend.  The friend being somewhat of an indescribable fellow attired entirely from head-to-toe in purple stripes … very odd.  Still, it appears to be a pair of sock creatures who will be friends […]

matroyshka finch

Matroyshka Patterned Fabric Finch – Limited Edition

We’ve always had a thing about matroyshka dolls here at MadeStuff, in fact for so long as I can remember we’ve had something in stock that is at least inspired by the look of matroyshka dolls.  It’s perhaps not surprising then that when we happened across a swatch of fabric emblazoned with matroyshka dolls that […]

Site News

A couple of recent updates to the site, an exciting shop one and a dull as dishwater but essential one. The first is the exciting news that we’ve add a “sale” section to our shop where you can pick up a variety of bargains, everything in there is currently 50% cheaper than you’d normally expect […]

Little blue and red love birds

love birds – fabric finches in shades of blue and red

I’m really excited to bring these little love birds to you, resplendent as they are in electric blue and regal red.  They’re like the original princess and the pauper; little blue from off the street, a bit gallus* with heaps of street cred, and little red from on high, well monied and full of airs and […]

little 'o' owls

relaunching the web-store … again

Following the ‘unforeseen consequences‘ we had last week we’re delighted to announce the re-opening of our web-store having banished the stability issues caused by a software update, it’s not entirely restocked as yet and we might carry out further tweaks as we go along but otherwise it’s all good! To get to the new store […]

unforeseen consequences

We’ve been tirelessly working on back office elements of the website following an unexpected software update essentially crippled the MadeStuff Store – thanks for that WooCommerce :-/   It has however highlighted a stability issue effecting store availability and as a result we’re moving the store element of the website to a separate sub-domain from […]